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High Performance Films & Tapes

High Performance Films from Guarniflon are skived and melt extruded fluoropolymer films engineered by Guarniflon Spa R&D Department to allow the customers to select the right film for their application requirements. A wide range of grades including PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, PVDF, THV, to match right combination of physical chemical performances in a variety of key market segments including composite molding for the automotive and aerospace industries, chemical processing, electrical/electronics, renewable energies and marine.


Flourinated polymers such as ETFE and FEP are the perfect choice for high performance CFRP processed at higher temperatures and requiring release films with unrivalled elongation, no-stick and mechanical properties, even perforated


In semiconductor manufacturing it is mandatory to use high performance materials to ensure a safe, quick and clean packaging encapsulation. In film Assisted Molding (FAM) our fluorinated polymers, for example ETFE, meet these demanding process requirements.


Modern PV and solar panels need to be efficient, lightweight and, why not? Flexible and even foldable. Our high performance films like ETFE or FEP replace heavy and rigid glasses. And they are self-cleaning and very durable for long lasting outdoor exposure.


The ever-increasing research for light and resistant materials in the mobility sector, means that composite materials have found ever-increasing use as alternatives to heavier metal structures that are subject to greater deterioration. In the production processes of composite panels and components, PTFE, FEP and ETFE films are widely used as release elements capable of resisting temperatures up to over 300°C.


From Formula One, Supercars and sport cars to luxury and general automotive, composite parts are mandatory to meet expectations in terms of performance, weight, fuel consumption and safety. Our high performance films and adhesive tapes are widely used for CFRP parts manufacturing.


Carbon composite poles, masts, boarding stairs and passarelles are now common not only on racing boats. Our high performance release films and adhesive tapes are designed for manufacturers with the highest performance requests from their clients.

Resistencia química

Resistencia a altas temperaturas

Resistencia al fuego

Aislamiento eléctrico

Fuerza Mecánica

Procesabilidad a baja temperatura

Optical Properties

Co-procesabilidad con Hidrocarburos

   Optimum performace - generally recomanded
   Depends on product grade or application
   Generally not recomanded
HPF di Guarniflon Spa sono riuniti in 3 principali famiglie prodotto:
Guarniflon® S.p.A. offers a range of films and tapes produced from the main thermoplastic fluoropolymers available, such as ETFE, FEP, THV, PVDF and PFA, with remarkable quality thanks to new dedicated machinery able to produce 2000 mm wide films equipped with sophisticated thickness control in the range from 12 to 300 micron and more.
All the products of the range offer an outstanding chemical stability, a wide range of service temperature, resistance to uv radiation and more generally to any weather condition, flame retardancy and possibility of recycling.